Wrangle Your Recon

Tools specifically designed for Investor Accounting, all housed within an intuitive application.

Adopt a Comprehensive Solution

Give your Investor Accounting team full control and visibility with the only end-to-end enterprise software solution built by and for mortgage professionals.


The Pathway to Visibility, Control, and Compliance


SunriseRecon delivers:

  • ✓  Real-time dashboards keep your team accountable and on track.
  • ✓  Submission and approval workflows ensure that incomplete work can’t be submitted.
  • ✓  Automatically updates to ensure compliance with changes to regulations and agency forms.

" The SunriseRecon suite offers a reconciliation solution that was long overdue in the industry. We were immediately impressed from Day 1, and the functionality it offers is amazing! "

- SVP, Top 20 Regional Bank

Complicated Spreadsheets Are Risky Business

If your team is using cumbersome spreadsheets for Investor Accounting, you’re flirting with disaster: flawed macros, transposed numbers...even small mistakes increase your risk.

With SunriseRecon, you’ll eliminate those risks by automating your custodial reconciliation process in a controlled system environment—and ditch those piles of printed reports.


SunriseRecon for Strategic Risk Management

To overcome the risks and challenges of an Excel-based custodial reconciliation process, M&T Bank partnered with Integra Solutions to implement SunriseRecon.


Some case study highlights:

  • ✓  Overall efficiency of custodial reconciliation improved 69%.
  • ✓  Conducting QA/QC on submitted reconciliation decreased from 50 hours to less than 20 hours.
  • ✓  Training time for new FTE’s dropped from 110 hours to about 40 hours.

Don’t Let Downtime Get You Down


Why wait until the end of the month to get your insights?

SunriseRecon works in real time, just like you do. Real-time dashboards give your entire team complete visibility, anytime, anywhere.

And with our Cashbook and Banking module, you can even process bank statements automatically on a daily basis.

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