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At Integra Solutions, we’re passionate about business processes—and building the best technology to manage those processes.

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Wrangle Your Recon

Get complete control and visibility over Investor Accounting and reconciliations with SunriseRecon:

  • ✓  Ditch printed reports and cumbersome spreadsheets—and the elusive errors that can wreak havoc on audits.
  • ✓  Identify the root cause of outages, so they don’t recur month after month.
  • ✓  Get real-time data through online dashboards, anytime, anywhere.
  • ✓  Targeted solutions for custodial reconciliation, clearing account recon,banking and cashbook, and GL certifications.

Adopt a Bold Approach to Billing

Eliminate costly errors and unnecessary emails from your sub-servicer billing process:

  • ✓  Fully customize your billing and invoicing system, and easily configure each client’s pricing structure.
  • ✓  Simplify the billing process with feature like automated data aggregation and funnel processing.
  • ✓  Communicate seamlessly with clients through the Customer Portal instead of emails and phone calls.
  • ✓  Automate accounting entries and GL integrations.

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Automating your business processes is a winning proposition for your entire organization, and Integra Solutions is the ideal partner to design and develop your customized in-house software.

Clients have relied on us to build a variety of solutions within mortgage servicing, corporate treasury and cash management, and mortgage accounting.

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