Inner View

-By Christian T. van Dijk
President, Integra Mortgage Solutions

Can you give us an inside view of your company and the solutions you offer?

     Integra Solutions is a technology consultancy for the mortgage industry. We specialize in automating complicated processes with user- and audit-friendly system solutions. Integra Solutions offers two enterprise SaaS systems: SunriseRecon for custodial reconciliation; and SunriseBilling for sub-servicer billing and invoicing. Born out of our own experience in the industry, each system streamlines a time consuming process and reduces audit concerns.

Why focus on building technology for mortgage servicing?

     We believe good tools are the best foundation for sound business processes. Think about all the technology available for loan origination and other “front of the house” processes. There’s a huge gap between what’s available there, and what’s available for the “back of the house,” which includes servicing and sub-servicing processes. These processes often get neglected…so they’re often completed using spreadsheets. That’s just too risky.

What are the signs a process is ready for a technology overhaul?

     The most common sign is that the process is run on giant spreadsheets that should be submitted to the Excel Olympics! Usually only a few people know how the process actually works, making it difficult to train new staff. And finally, the process often presents a high risk for significant audit findings. Processes like this benefit from three characteristics that the right technology can deliver: automation, visibility and auditability, not to mention reduced costs.