About Our Company

At Integra Solutions, we’re passionate about business processes—and building the best technology to manage those processes. We develop intuitive, comprehensive tools that bring clarity, transparency, and control to mortgage servicing, with SaaS solutions in Investor Accounting and Investor Reporting.

Mission and Values

At Integra, we’re dedicated to delivering targeted solutions for the mortgage industry with a focus in Investor Accounting and Investor Reporting. Our values help us achieve that mission.

  • Act with integrity: We believe that transparency, character, and honesty are the path to shared success. That’s why integrity is built right into our company name.
  • Maintain sharp focus: Integra Solutions is specifically focused on Investor Accounting and Investor Reporting, so that we can deliver high-impact, specialized tools for the industry.
  • Embrace meaningful action: We define meaningful action as that which is measurable and intelligent, intuitive and complete.

Our Team

The Integra team brings deep expertise in creating exceptional tools for clients in the mortgage industry.

Veterans of the mortgage industry and enterprise IT, the company’s founding members established Integra Solutions to address the challenges they faced themselves.


A New Way to Wrangle Your Recon


Integra’s flagship product, SunriseRecon offers a fully auditable, peer-reviewed SaaS solution for custodial reconciliation.

SunriseRecon also includes modules for cashbook summary, clearing reconciliation, EFT settlement, and general ledger reconciliation

A Fresh Approach to Subservicer Billing

Leave spreadsheets and emails behind.

SunriseBilling offers a bold solution to subservicer billing, complete with a unique customer portal to ensure seamless communication and complete transparency